Meet Rissa

Hello! I’m Rissa. The photographer and designer of everything you see on this site. I’ve been a graphic designer for almost 10 years, and when I’m not building websites and blogs for clients, you can find me designing prints, taking stock photos, DIYing projects for our house, and spending every second with our beautiful baby girl, Sophie.

As a business owner, and someone who has multiple websites for my own projects and businesses, I know how important it is to have beautiful photos on your website. And because I create printables, I also know how important it is to have beautiful mockups as well. That is how this journey started. It was so hard to find affordable stock photos and mockups that I really loved. Especially for brands just starting out. I know so many business owners on a tight budget that have a vision, but don’t know where to turn. I hope you find many items you love here at Riss Design.

I’ve been designing digital printables for over 5 years now. What a ride it’s been. My pride and joy are my prints. And now I strictly hand draw my printables, which is so exciting. You’ll only find hand drawn, original and unique printables here in my shop. I think offering digital printables is convenient and quick for you as the buyer. All you need to do is purchase, download, and send to printer. Grab a frame, and hang your new artwork!

Thanks for stopping by. Stay creative.

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