The following terms and conditions apply for anyone purchasing a design from Riss Design:

  • After a project has been started there are absolutely no refunds given the time and effort put into all designs. After you have purchased and we have begun emailing/messaging, there are no refunds.


  • After a website is completed (goes live), if you do not ask for any monthly maintenance or a backup, the website is solely YOUR responsibility to maintain and update. Once you agree to the site going live, the website is YOURS and no longer my responsibility. By purchasing, you agree to this 100%.


  • I am not responsible if your website is hacked, or for any information found if your website is hacked.


  • A website design needs to be completed within 3 months of purchase, otherwise I am able to call the project complete and request additional payment. If you do not respond to emails with me to complete the design, I cannot complete the design, therefore the project is done. Please do not drag out the design for months, as it is not fair to me as your designer. If you stop responding to emails, the project will stop as is, and be complete. Only stating this as some people disappearing, and reappearing months later has happened, and it’s truly unfair to me for you to expect a project to be picked back up 6 months to 12 months later. This also includes even if a project has not fully started. I take time to email you, put time aside for the project, leaving a space open or you that could have been saved for another customer. Your payment is NON-REFUNDABLE, no matter how far along in the project I am. Thanks for understanding.


  • Any edits you do to your website after I complete the project are your responsibility. I will not fix any issues for free once completed.


  • If you do not purchase a backup from either me or your hosting company, it is not Riss Design’s responsibility if the website breaks anytime after going live. It is your responsibility to maintain and backup your own website. If you do not properly update or maintain your website, you are risking your website breaking. Make sure you do weekly or monthly upkeep on your website, or hire Rissa to maintain it. If plugins or themes are not updated routinely by you, your website is at risk of breaking or being hacked.


  •  You, the customer, need to send me content for your webite. I do not write content for you, and will not copy content from other people’s websites. You need to write the content and send it to me. I do not check for spelling/grammatical errors, so be sure to double check on that before sending to me.


  • If you need an eCommerce website, I can add up to 20 items with this package. Any additional items will be an additional cost.


  • After your website is all set up, you can either take control, or I can help you with monthly maintenance for an additional cost (per month). Contact me for more information and pricing.


  • If you need your website backed up, Rissa will keep the backup for 2 years. After 2 years, Rissa is not responsible for your website or any backups unless another backup is purchased.

When purchasing, you are agreeing to all of my terms. Thanks so much!


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